How am I qualified to speak into you?

I am a born again Christian who was saved by our Lord Jesus Christ on July 28th, 1999. One day I will write a post on my salvation story, I love telling it. I am a daughter to parents, and a sister to 3 brothers. I have been married to my husband Andy since March 2005, and we are coming up on 10 years of marriage, and growth. I have been a mother to my son Grayson since he entered this world in March of 2008. I grew up in Southern California and Southern Oregon. I am definitely a west coast girl. I moved to Texas in 2004 to marry my sweetheart. It was a hard transition to not seeing mountains out my window, but marrying my soul mate was worth the trade. Texas has grown on me, and I have grown to enjoy living in Fort Worth. As the Lord would have it, Texas is the place the Lord had for me to come to, to heal. The end of 2004 saw my husband and I going to pre-marital counseling, and it was during those sessions that I realized that I needed help with the void in my heart. I began to see my therapist Kellie on an individual basis in the beginning of 2005, and she rocked my world. Kellie soon after placed me in a processing therapy group with other women, which greatly helped facilitate my journey into wholeness. I continued with that group for 7 years until it disbanded. I did another therapy group with Kellie in 2012 or 2013 (I can’t remember which) on Brene Brown’s Connections Curriculum on shame resilience. Which is life changing, and is the inspiration behind the title of this blog. I am currently a part of a another therapy group with Kellie doing Cloud and Townsend’s curriculum, Changes that Heal, Safe People, and Boundaries. We will be finishing this curriculum sometime in March of 2015. We are in talks in continuing the group and becoming a life team for one another, which would meet weekly indefinitely. All while seeing Kellie weekly pretty consistently for the past 10 years and counting. All this to say, I have done the work, so I can, talk the talk.

I am extremely passionate about the Lord, and heart healing. Everything that I know, and have gained has come through my relationship with my Heavenly Father. He is the one that brought my therapist to me, and placed books, and resources in my hands. He wanted this for me, and I know He wants this for all His children. I thank Him for letting me have a voice, and a place of influence in so many of His children’s lives, and the one’s He waits to adopt unto Himself.



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