His Love Gives Me Strength to Endure

I am so grateful to have the Lord. I am so grateful that He is good and loving towards me, and that He never gives up on me. His patience with me is long-suffering, and it is His joy to walk with me through every season of my life. He sees and witnesses every moment of my pain and joy, and everything in between. Nothing gets passed Him, or catches Him by surprise. He is completely and utterly prepared for my life. He has made a way for my deliverance in every instance of my life. His love humbles me, and helps me to not give up on becoming who I am in Him, complete, whole and restored. I love Him so much my heartaches, and I feel overwhelmed. I love that He can completely undo me in an instant. He is the only one who can completely overtake me. In Him I know peace, wonder, and satisfaction. I long for Him, and He longs for me. We are one. I am complete in Him, and His glory is reflected in me. I love Him, I love Him, I love Him.